Dean, bb, wow, I don’t remember you looking so SAD about that x

like you’re thinkingyeah it’s freaking weirdbut it’s what I called youit’s who you wereit was YOUR nameand now it’s notnow you’ve got a wife who whispers a different name to youso what the fuck do I do now?do I have any claim on you at all anymore?,are you ANYTHING to me anymore?. (via littlehollyleaf)

Especially since that wasn’t even his given name, or the name he went by any majority. He was Castiel, until Dean nicknamed him Cas. It was what Dean named who Cas became because of meeting Dean. And pretty much every human calls him Cas. Isn’t it hilarious that he never says anything about the name, never complains or says “my name is Castiel not Cas”. He embraces the name as his own and yet. And yet minus the meaning, minus the memory of who gave it or what it meant, objectively Cas thinks the name is odd. The fact that he keeps it and responds to it because Dean named him that warms my heart like you wouldn’t believe. 

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I think my favourite is the third. I like the way Cas opens his hand and backs away, it really feels like ‘I won’t touch you if you don’t want’.

Or possibly the first, because or the way Cas looks at Dean. It doesn’t matter what happens or what state Dean is in, Cas has nothing but love and respect and adoration for this man.

Or maybe the last because the way Cas touches Dean is so different from the others and it looks way less techincal, less angelic and… somehow even more affectionate if humanly or celestially possible. And Dean is so scared and in pain but he let’s Cas do it without hesitation.

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